Corporate Art

Raoul Haspel’s CorporateArt & design - Raoul Haspel holds a Master’s degree from the University of Applied Arts, Vienna. - Traditional functions of marketing teaming up with the highly sensitive intersection of applied art and fine art. CorporateArt communicates your company´s impact and values.


Corporate Art

"Corporate Art becomes interesting when it conveys its messages not directly, but via emotions, connotations and the nuances that escape words. From my perspective, Corporate Art happens when it is doing exactly this."

“My process starts out necessarily from an emotional basis. As soon as the decision to cooperate has been taken, I submerge myself in the company for a couple of weeks and get to know its corporate culture, history and people. The aspects I find most intriguing and relevant soon emerge, whether they are of an organisational, visual, technical, or value-based nature. This precise approach allows me to instil my work with the distillate of my impressions.”
"One crucial prerequisite is the trust of a company that harbours a certain degree of affinity for art such as my clients, and that is willing to embark on a journey like CorporateArt."




250 years Hennessy Cognac!
Moët Hennessy Deutschland
Venue: KaDeWe Berlin

Haspel’s breathtaking concept for:
event architecture, furniture design, bottle concept and this outstanding bar design is developed from - and based on - the alternative world map projection: 'Dymaxion map' or 'Fuller map'

"Raoul created a true game changer!
Creating an exclusive and unique experience
by bringing the Hennessy spirit to a country
that has embraced the brand since 1765."



Opec - Fund for International Development

"Our entire family came together to mark 
its 35th Anniversary through this piece. 
Nothing could have expressed this milestone more elegantly"




"A beautiful color and material concept -
plus natural functionality - this is Carpe Diem"





"The artwork itself 
becomes the visual ambassador of the 
company and its visions."





"Given the exceptional quality of Raoul’s work
and the enthusiastic feedback we received from everyone [...] . We would like to strengthen and rejuvenate the strong ties that traditionally existed between the arts and Mærsk Seeland also with Mærsk Line."